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Loy Clark Pipeline’s vault and conduit division has been installing this type of infrastructure within the Portland metro region for over twenty-five years.  Much of this work has occurred within the downtown Portland core area for both Portland General Electric and PacifiCorp.

The combined underground utility construction experience of the crews that work in downtown Portland for us is over 150 years.  This vast amount of experience gives us the capability to install both precast and panel vaults up to thirty-five (35) feet long.  Additionally we will install small vaults, junction boxes, and light pole bases.  We have installed countless duct banks in various configurations all over the Portland metro area for both power and communication utilities.

Because of the location of most of this work, Loy Clark is called upon to perform it far more frequently than our competitors.  We are able to perform this work in the most congested of areas because of the extensive experience of our equipment operators and field supervisors.  They have all all been working in the downtown Portland area for most of their careers.  This large amount of experience has enabled Loy Clark Pipeline to be one of only two contractors to be designated as a Level 3 Contractor by Portland General Electric.

Loy Clark Pipeline is not limited to performing only larger projects for these local utility owners.  We install both power and communication infrastructure for private owners, general contractors and developers too.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


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